C H A S I N G  F I L M  P R O D U C T I O N S 

M  E  E  T    C  H  A  S  E

​The feeling is unexplainable to be given the privilege to capture someone's special moments on film. Creating wedding videos is a passion of mine because of all the different emotions that fill the day. To me, that is the best part of weddings and what I strive to capture in a storytelling form. You will be able to experience the same feelings each and every time you watch your video throughout the years.​

My name is Chase Sansing and I am originally from Mississippi. I am also a musician which led me to the opposite side of the camera in 2016 after shooting several music videos. I shot my first wedding in 2017 and I absolutely loved it! Since then, I moved to Florida to further my career as a wedding videographer. I have worked with many couples and have loved every single minute of it!

Your wedding day is extremely important to me, and it is something that I take very seriously. My goal as your videographer is to capture all the details and special moments of your big day the best way possible.


"When my mom first asked me if I wanted to have a videographer for my wedding I was kinda iffy about it due to everything already costing so much. But let me tell you what, hiring this incredible team to capture our special day on video was the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only is chase an AMAZING videographer, but him and Allen are two of the kindest people we’ve ever met. They were on top of everything the entire process and were extremely patient when I turned into bridezilla. Oh did I mention, the sneak peak for our wedding video ended up going viral! These guys are incredible! <3"

-Andrea Dutrieux, Bride

"Chase and Allen were both so amazing. They fit in so well at one point my mom didn’t even notice them standing next to us capturing a special moment. They catch it all, even the small things you don’t realize are so special. They were the only people I enjoyed being around on my wedding day between the laughs and the moments of me apologizing for my insane family. They helped keep me sane while making me feel like a beautiful super star. They captured a moment that we will keep for the rest of our lives and I couldn’t have asked for better! Thank you for everything 💕💜"

-Celina Heindl, Bride

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